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    Red Siren ..::New Rules::..

    Post by AdminE on Mon Jan 18, 2010 2:33 pm

    Please Read Carefully

    Members Rules

    1 : Please Respect Each Other In Pothohar-Zone Forums , We Are All Brothers And Sisters.If you Have Any Issue With Other Members , Please Send A Site Pm To Any Moderator Or Admin.

    2 : Anyone Who Insult Any Site Staff Member Will Be Banned.

    3 : Any InActive Members Will Be Banned Or Account will Be Deactivated.

    Posting Rules

    1 : Please Search the forum Before Posting And Post In The Right Section.

    2 : Double Posting Is Illegal , Any Double Post Will Be Deleted By Moderators Or Admins.

    3 : Post A Scan Result With The Thread , the Scan Result MUST BE A new Scan Result , And Post A Picture Of The Program.

    4 : Replying To Threads Only For Important Issues Only , Please Click On Thanks.

    5 : Any Spam Posts Will Be Deleted , The Spammer will Be Warned For 3 times , Then The Site Staff Will Be sorry For Banning The Spammer.

    6 : Please Upload Your Files To 2shared - file upload or 4shared.com/
    7 : Post Scan Picture , Do Not Post The Scan Result Link.

    Note : Any Post That Doesnt Follow The Posting Rules Will Be DELETED..


    General Rules

    Please Scan Each File you Download With VirusTotal - Free Online Virus and Malware Scan Before Using The Program , We Are Humans And We do Mistakes.

    Please Upload Your Pictures to TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting

    Big Singuters Will Be Deleted , Upon The Moderators Nor Administrators thoughts , If The moderator Or Administrators Think That The Signture Is Big Then It Will Be Edited nor Deleted.


    ShoutBox Rules

    1 : No URLs Allowed which Means , Any ***site URL That Shows On The Shoutbox Will Be Deleted.

    2 : No Insulting Words In The ShoutBox , The Member Will Be Warned For 2 times Then The Moderators Will Be Sorry For Banning The Member.

    3 : Do Not Ask Questions In ShoutBox , Please Ask your Questions In The Right Forum.


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